E-Crostic Software

Do you like acrostic puzzles, but hate the tedious backing-and-forthing from diagram to clue list? E-Crostic is the answer! Best of all, it's free!

Download E-Crostic and the 11 sample puzzles that come with it by clicking here. You'll be solving E-Crostic puzzles in minutes. If you get stuck on any of the sample puzzles, you can get help here.

E-Crostic requires Windows. If you use another operating system (Mac users, for example), you can work these same puzzles in a browser at NetCrostics.com.

More absolutely free E-Crostic puzzles:

The best way to ensure that your favorite constructors keep on constructing is to tell them how much you like their puzzles.

You can find still more E-Crostic puzzles at Roland Foster's web site.

If you are interested in creating acrostic puzzles for E-Crostic, send email to David Howorth and ask about E-Crostic Maker. E-Crostic Maker makes creating old fashioned, hard copy acrostics a snap, too.